Are You a Sunrise Banks Customer? If So, You’re Eligible for Free Financial Counseling

At Sunrise Banks, we believe financial literacy is vital to obtaining financial wellness.

That’s why we partner with Lutheran Social Services (LSS) of Minnesota to offer Financial Choice Off Site Link, a financial literacy program that provides six free, confidential counseling sessions to Sunrise Banks customers, employees and their immediate family members each year.

Financial Choice counselors can help clients:

  • Use a Debt Management Plan for faster debt repayment
  • Establish a budget that works
  • Improve their credit score
  • Tackle student loan debt
  • Explore affordable housing options
  • Receive financial wellness coaching

The best part about Financial Choice is that it creates results: Participants in Financial Choice’s debt management plan program paid off over $36,000 in debt in 2019 and $142,000 since the partnership began.1

Financial Choice is currently only offering online and over-the-phone appointments to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Learn more on their website. Off Site Link

Don’t forget that Sunrise also partners with Banzai to offer financial literacy resources. Visit our website Off Site Link to learn more.

1 .  Individual results may vary