Empowering Scholars to Succeed

College Graduates Throwing Caps in the Air

Being a first-generation college graduate is a major accomplishment.

It’s a step towards economic mobility that can lead to bright futures for generations to come.  However, the road to completing a bachelor’s degree is full of obstacles for first-time students. Navigating the college application process, financial aid, choosing the right school and accessing emotional support – not to mention the coursework itself – can be daunting.

Stats currently show that while BIPOC and first-generation students now represent nearly 30% of the college student body, without the support of services that help them mitigate systemic barriers, they continue to graduate at a much lower rate.

Northstar Education Finance Off Site Link, Wallin Education Partners Off Site Link and College Possible Off Site Link are three local organizations working to bridge the gap in post-secondary education. Together, they’ve made college a reality for students in the Twin Cities.

Northstar Education Finance provides grants to assist students with college readiness and tuition. College Possible connects high school and college students with recent college graduates to provide support and coaching to help them get through college. Wallin Partners supplies students with financial aid and individualized support to ensure they have a chance to succeed.

These three nonprofits are empowering scholars to provide a better life for themselves and their families.