Happy Pride Month from Sunrise Banks! Here’s How We Recognize LGBTQ+ Pride

This Pride Month, find your team at the world's most socially responsible bank

Happy Pride Month! June marks the month-long celebration when LGBTQ+ communities unite and celebrate the freedom to be themselves.

From Sunrise Banks’ hometown of the Twin Cities to Tokyo, Pride Month is openly celebrated by millions worldwide through parades, events, and more.

However, while Pride Month celebrates inclusion – and the indelible contributions of LGBTQ+ individuals – its roots trace to a violent police raid just 54 years ago.

On June 28, 1969, the New York Police Department raided the Stonewall Inn, a Gay bar and now National Historic Landmark in Manhattan. In that era, raids were common because soliciting same-sex relations was illegal in New York City, and fundamental civil rights were denied to LGBTQ+ people nationwide. The ensuing Stonewall Riots, in protest of the violent raid, which ended on July 2, 1969, pushed the gay rights movement from a fringe issue to the mainstream.

Pride at Sunrise Banks is More Than a Celebration; it is Part of Our Core Values.

At Sunrise Banks, we proudly believe the freedom to be and love whom you choose is a fundamental human right. Period. And as we celebrate Pride Month, we also recognize its roots and the LGBTQ+ communities’ past – and current – struggles for equal rights and inclusion.

“Pride helps with awareness of sexual orientation inequalities and reminds us that there is still hate out there. It helps communities remember that it’s still an issue, but it’s also growing and shows progress,” says Brent Winch, VP, Director of Credit Administration & Special Assets at Sunrise Banks.

The continued fight for inclusivity is why we see ourselves as a social engine for good–and tirelessly work to foster a welcoming institution for all through our employees and banking services. As a Certified B-Corp, we don’t take our mission to be “the world's most socially responsible bank” lightly. The same goes for being an LGBTQ+ ally–it’s embedded in our DNA.

Sunrise Banks Employee Spotlights: Pride Means ‘not being afraid to be yourself’

“Pride means being in the workplace and not being afraid to be yourself,” says Taylor Fox, BSA Officer at Sunrise Banks. “With Sunrise Banks, it was obvious by the first interview that they fully embraced this notion.”

Fox is also a fifth-year offensive lineman for the Minnesota Vixen, the nation's longest-continuously operating women’s tackle football team. In The Vixen and Sunrise, Fox says it's “so significant and great in my life to find supportive networks of LGBTQ+ individuals.”

“Sunrise is different because we are so focused on our culture. It’s the root of everything we do here,” Fox says. “No matter if it’s business decisions or just personal decisions, things we do for fun, it’s all based around our culture and our values which is really cool.”

Respecting and Providing Tools for Everyone: ‘it’s not just about celebrating your title’

LGBTQ+ inclusion extends beyond the workplace and translates into financial inclusivity for all. So says Joe Pijus, Director – Digital Operations at Sunrise Banks. Pijus oversees digital banking and treasury management solutions and prides himself on “providing tools to everyone, especially the underbanked and underserved.”

Ensuring Sunrise Banks’ competitive and inclusive digital offerings boils down to the simple question: “What do folks need?” Pijus knows too well that “some communities could still do a better job” accepting LGBTQ+ individuals.” It makes him delighted to work at Sunrise Banks, where he can be a driver to create even more accessible digital banking solutions.

“For me, Pride is not just about celebrating your title; it’s about being respected, regardless of pronouns. It boils down to being able to be who you want to be.”

Sunrise Banks wishes all a happy Pride Month!

How are you celebrating Pride Month? Drop a comment and check out Twin Cities Pride for events.

And if Sunrise Banks’ pride and purposeful inclusivity pique your interest, we’d love for you to learn more.

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