Support The Local Economy With Sunrise Banks’ Impact Deposit Fund

There’s been a lot of emphasis on community development lately.

Following the unrest caused by George Floyd’s tragic murder, organizations across the Twin Cities and beyond have stepped up to offer material and philanthropic support.

Sunrise Banks has always been a community-centric financial institution – the products and services we offer are aimed at helping everyone obtain financial wellness. And through our Impact Deposit Fund (IDF), Sunrise provides funds to support affordable housing, community development, and small business in the Twin Cities.

The IDF is a designation that allows anyone with a depository account at Sunrise Banks to be part of a pool of funds used towards community development in Minneapolis and St. Paul. You still have the same access to your funds as you normally would – the only difference is that your deposits are being used to support your community.

It’s as easy as that: Open an account, designate your funds to the IDF and watch your community grow.

So what has the IDF money gone towards in the past? In 2019, Sunrise Banks supported the following through our loan portfolio:

  • Put $19.9 million towards affordable housing
  • Invested $42.9 million in economic development
  • Originated $200.9 million in small business loans
  • Invested $17.9 million in education

Check out our 2019 Impact Report for more information on Sunrise Banks’ commitment to the community.

Interested in opening an IDF account? Learn more here.