Transforming the Lives of Pets

Sojos Pet Food logo in front of the business building

In 1985, well before the current popularity of raw and natural pet food, Sojourners Farm was started in a home kitchen with the founding principal that natural and raw food would make pets not only healthier but happier as well.

In 1996, Ward Johnson acquired Sojourner Farms, renamed it Sojos and set out to continue the important work that had been started. After his experience working for a holistic veterinarian’s office, the next step was obvious.

“I was floored by the positive results we saw with dogs that were fed Sojos.” Says Ward Johnson; “When I learned that the company was for sale, I jumped at the chance to take the baton and continue spreading the word about fresh, raw food for pets.”

Although they’re not using a household kitchen anymore, Sojos has the same steadfast dedication to providing the freshest, healthiest pet food and treats out there.


To learn more about Sojos, visit sojos.com.