At Sunrise Banks, we work hard to help our customers and our communities by finding ways to empower financial wellness. We’re always surrounded by a culture of innovators and problem-solvers. We own our core values and incorporate them into everything we do regarding our culture, our people, and our benefits. This is one of the many reasons why values-based banking is an integral part of our mission. We are more than just bankers – we are a social engine for good. Our core values reflect that.

Take a peek at what it’s like to work for The World’s Most Socially Responsible Bank® and how you could fit into Life@Sunrise.

A Force for Good

  • Mission-first mindset
  • Others first, then self
  • Gives back in a personally meaningful way
  • Acts with integrity
  • Never intentionally harmful to people or planet

A social engine for good is more than just our catch phrase; our commitment to creating a positive impact is at the core of everything we do. Our sustainable business practices and work in the local communities are just two examples of how our values lead to action.

Being a force for good also embodies a way of thinking that puts others first and prioritizes the mission of Sunrise Banks. Our foundation of integrity, honesty, and transparency drives our thoughts, decisions, and actions – and guides us in building strong relationships internally, as well as with our clients and partners.

A headshot of Kathleen Brenk

“A force for good is more than the work we do in our communities. It’s also empowering our staff to do good. With 40 hours of paid volunteer time, we ‘walk the talk.’”

- Kathleen Brenk, Chief People Officer

Respects All

  • Welcoming to all people
  • Embraces diversity
  • Acts as an ally
  • Approaches ideas with an open mind
  • Never gossips; is caring and candid

At Sunrise Banks, we believe that the most productive ideas and effective solutions are a result of people with diverse perspectives working together. And while this effort starts with listening and learning from the varying experiences of others, we aim to take this value one step further. As allies, we must stand up for the rights and well-being of all people and speak out against instances of bias and discrimination. We respect each other by keeping an open mind, while also talking openly instead of behind closed doors should a challenge arise.

A headshot of Jay Ross

A huge reason I wanted to work at Sunrise Banks is because our culture centers Respecting All. It’s so important to me for a company to make diversity and openness part of its core values. By continuing to focus on welcoming all, embracing diversity, and staying open minded, I hope we can grow even more in this area in the future!

- Jay Ross, Senior Creative Designer

Brightens The Room

  • Don’t take yourself too seriously
  • Thinks and acts with positive intent
  • Gives the benefit of the doubt
  • Never led by ego

When we put aside our own egos and assume the good in others, we foster an environment of trust and open dialogue. By not taking ourselves too seriously, and by approaching our work and each other with the best of intentions, we create a more fun and collaborative atmosphere. It’s our people and our desire to form meaningful, positive connections with each other that make Sunrise Banks such a great place to work.

A headshot of Taylor Fox

“Our value Brightens the Room resonates very deeply with me. I was the person who suggested this phrase when we developed the values because, to me, one of the most important ways to bring both joy and productivity to the workplace is by being a good person, not taking yourself too seriously, caring about others, and engaging sincerely in human connection. When asked what their favorite part of working for Sunrise Banks is, the most common answer I’ve heard over the years is ‘the people,’ and I believe this value highlights that very well.”

- Taylor Fox, Director - BSA / BSA Officer

Never “Not My Job”

  • Jumps in to help
  • Accountable for results
  • Hardworking, do your best – every time
  • Find solutions independently and with a team
  • Does not blame others

We do our best every day to accept ownership over our individual roles, decisions, and results. But we also know that some of our most effective and exciting work is done together as a team, requiring each person to work hard and show up for each other. On our unified journey toward success, there is no room for blaming others when we experience inevitable bumps in the road. By focusing on solutions instead of excuses, we foster a sense of shared responsibility, allow opportunity for experimentation, and create efficient workflows.

A headshot of Ronnie Emmanoulakis

“Never ‘Not My Job’ is easy for me to relate to. This is one of the cornerstones of my teams – we always look for a way to YES! We may not know exactly how to get there when first presented with the opportunity, but we will always find a way.”

- Ronnie Emmanoulakis, Director - Risk Operations

Always Learning

  • Curious. Confident. Humble.
  • Innovative and collaborative
  • Inquisitive, asks questions
  • Seeks feedback
  • Never defensive; listens to learn

Sunrise Banks continuously evolves, grows, and flourishes when we embrace a learning mindset. We strive to accept that change is an opportunity for growth and that curiosity fuels collaboration. In a culture where innovative ideas are welcome and feedback is seen as a catalyst for improvement, we open ourselves to endless possibilities.

A headshot of Pam Carl

“For me, the Always Learning value really hits home. ‘Innovative and collaborative. Inquisitive, asks questions.’ This, in my opinion, is the heartbeat of Sunrise Banks. Through our partnerships, internal and external, we are always seeking to do more – to build more – and that means we must learn, collaborate, and ask questions!”

- Pamela Carl, Director of Compliance & Enterprise Risk Management

We take “work hard, play hard” seriously.


  • Paid Time Off (PTO)
  • Paid Holidays
  • Work From Home (WFH) / Remote Work
  • Dental, Vision, Health, Life Insurance Plans
  • 401(k) & Retirement Plans
  • Incentive Compensation Plan
    • Discretionary and based on bank performance
  • Paid Volunteer Time up to 40 hours for full-time employees
    • Every full-time employee can use up to 40 hours a year to volunteer at organizations they’re passionate about. Part-time employees can volunteer up to 20 hours on a prorated basis based on their start dates.


  • We have a dedicated Engagement Crew who hold fun events from virtual bingo and summer chalk contests to in-person events to watch the St. Paul Saints or deliver hot dogs to our frontline workers.
  • Charitable Giving Week happens each year in November and employees are able to participate in fun activities all week to raise money for non-profit organizations who partner with us. We raised over $8,700 in 2022!
  • We’ve donated nearly 800 toys total and $1,700 collectively to Toys for Tots for children in need in 2021 and 2022 with the help of our employees and customers.
  • We hold an annual all-company meeting called Connections to celebrate our employees and our company’s successes.
  • Our Bike Crew gets together after work in warmer months to explore Minneapolis and St. Paul.
A photo of the Sunrise Bike Crew overlooking a river

“We follow our Mission (Force), we connect authentically with one another (Respect), we approach things with a light heart (Brighten), we look for solutions (Never) … and there, under it all, is ‘Always.’  That’s the pulse, and one which I can really connect with!”

– Pamela Carl, Director of Compliance & Enterprise Risk Management

A headshot of Pam Carl

“I look at these values as a gut check – ‘Which of these values can I do a better job in living up to?’ It’s like a culture challenge for all of us – so let’s do it!”


– Ronnie Emmanoulakis, Director – Risk Operations

A headshot of Ronnie Emmanoulakis

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