Family Comes First

Favorable Treats Cookie Dough scooped onto baking sheet ready to go in oven

It has been said that family is everything. When things get difficult, they are our source of advice, and are there to make sure that you succeed. To Junita Flowers, her family is a source of constant support and the inspiration behind Favorable Treats. When Junita started Favorable Treats, she set out to share the memories and tastes of her family cookie recipes. She grew up in a kitchen with her mother and grandmother baking wonderful treats. These memories were the backbone for her business and her rock when she went through difficult times.

When Junita escaped from an abusive relationship, she went back to where it all started, baking with her family. Getting advice and support while they baked together was, in a way, her therapy. She surrounded herself in her good memories and came out of extremely trying times, more driven and motivated than ever.

This continual connection to family has led to an evolution, for Junita and Favorable Treats. Experiencing incredible growth, Favorable Treats is dedicated to ending family violence. Junita’s experiences led her to use her business to improve the world around her. In the coming year, Favorable Treats is working with Neka Creative to rebrand the business and better tell the stories of people who have survived family violence. They are also becoming a Benefit Corporation, further committing to their mission and positive impact.

Junita believes that the evolution and changes in her life and business are not a coincidence, the constant support and connection to her family have always driven her, and now they have helped shape the positive impact that she and Favorable Treats can have. Families can share those memories through Favorable Treats’ cookies and help end family violence, simply by enjoying quality time and delicious treats with their loved ones.


To learn more about the impact that Favorable Treats is having and to buy some of their awesome cookie dough, visit their website: favorabletreats.com