Making Social Change Your Day Job

When Casey Helbling started his software development company, Clear Consulting, in 2004, it was similar to many other software-consulting companies; they were doing well, making custom software solutions for their clients. While he was successful, Casey spent many of his nights and weekends doing pro-bono work for organizations with purpose-based missions. In 2008, after establishing his consulting business, he looked at his career and realized he wanted to spend his days working with purpose, using software for good.

That thought became the new name of his company, and Software for Good was born. Although the company has grown, becoming both a Certified B Corporation and a General Benefit Corporation, they are still rapidly expanding, committed to “pairing cause with craft.” The technology industry isn’t usually thought of as mission-driven or purpose-based. Casey has created a very successful business model, working with clients who share their passion for creating positive environmental and social change.

Bringing their mission focus to tech was a no-brainer for Casey. Technology is booming, and Software for Good believes they have a unique opportunity to drive change on a global scale in organizations of any size.

The team at Software for Good is multi-disciplinary, high performing, and shares the same goal to be able to create meaningful work that drives positive change, and make a good living doing it. As they’ve grown, the requests for pro-bono work have also increased so much that they can’t take them all on. In response, Software for Good has created a new giving program to address the large number of pro-bono requests.

They hire interns who need real world job experience to work on projects for mission-driven organizations with limited resources. Software for Good offers mentorship, training, and project management support while the interns actively move the project forward through hands-on development. The organizations who work with the interns are asked to contribute a small fee to cover stipends for the interns. This program has a large focus on opening the tech sector to more women and people of color.

If you’re looking for a software development partner, why wouldn’t you collaborate with an agency who does excellent work while also doing good for the world, like Software for Good.


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Photo credit: facebook.com/softwareforgood Off Site Link