A Look at ModernWell with Darling Foods

We recently spoke with Britt Jungerberg & Sara Doherty, founders of Darling Foods about their experience at ModernWell.

What did you enjoy most about your experience at ModernWell?

We found ModernWell to be a great space for meetings with vendors and other business contacts, especially for people that work out of the home. ModernWell provides a real space to meet and changes the conversations. Unfortunately, we were not able to use the space as much as we wanted because our business and life got so busy. However, we did stock the fridge at ModernWell with our Pickle Dips, and will continue to do so from time to time, because of the great feedback and response we got from the rest of the ModernWell members. We love to support other women who are doing the same thing we are, and if we can provide them with a snack option to help them through their day, we are all in.

What does a co-working space like ModernWell, designed solely for women, provide that a traditional co-working space wouldn’t?

The networking and relationships that a woman focus space provides women entrepreneurs is incredible. Men and women operate so differently, so providing a space where you can co-network and brand allows you to grow your contacts and connect with other professionals and services that you need during your entrepreneurial journey. Women are crafty, and for us with our day jobs and have Darling Pickles on the side we are constantly on the run and doing small tasks throughout the day, when we have a few minutes between meetings in the car, etc. ModernWell’s space brings these busy women who may otherwise work on the run, or in their basement to a place they can collaborate together and grow their business in a community.


Learn more about ModernWell here: modernwell.co/

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