Paying it Forward

drawing of a person holding a heart and giving it to other people

Every year around the holiday season, our CEO gives every employee the ability to make a difference in their own way. Each employee is given $25 in cash and asked to pay it forward to someone who needs it in any way that they see fit. You might imagine that faced with this task many people would hand it over to the first charity they see just to get it done but you’d be wrong.

Everyone gets very creative with the way they pay it forward, sometimes banding together with other employees in the bank to multiply their impact and accomplish bigger things. Other people have connections with certain organizations and choose to support them year after year because they agree with the mission.

We began wondering what everyone got up to with their pay it forward money so we asked them to submit their stories. We wanted to get a look at where the money went and why people chose the charities that they did. We’ve collected these stories for you to see, who knows, maybe you’ll be inspired to follow in their footsteps!

Pay it Forward Stories: https://www.pinterest.com/sunrisebanks/pay-it-forward-stories-2015/ Off Site Link