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Episode 48: Sheel Mohnot

Episode #48: Sheel Mohnot

Before fintech was even a common word, Sheel Mohnot saw an opportunity to be a part of the digital transformation of finance and technology. Mohnot, the co-founder of Better Tomorrow Ventures, talks about his first foray into the fintech world with a non-profit and why he’s dedicated his career to making the consumer experience better. We also dive into his recent viral wedding in the Taco Bell metaverse. Featuring music from Aardverk.

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Episode 47: South by Southwest 2023: LIVE Street Interviews

Episode #47: South by Southwest 2023 LIVE Street Interviews

Sunrise Banks team heads to Austin every March to hear about emerging trends in finance and the latest in banking technology. In this episode, Becca and Bryan play interviews we conducted with festival goers this year showcasing some of the houses we were at, what we learned from different sessions and the top three interesting fintechs we met. Featuring music from Ariel Red.

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Episode 46 - Jeff Keltner - Host of Leaders in Lending

Episode #46: Jeff Keltner

Dispelling myths of artificial intelligence being a human persona like in The Terminator or The Matrix, Jeff Keltner of Upstart and podcast host of Leaders in Lending talks about using AI or predictive algorithms to improve access to affordable credit. With 80% of Americans never defaulting on a loan but less than half having a prime credit score, Jeff talks about how this technology uses larger sets of data to help understand the real risk. Featuring music from Adrian Walther.

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Episode 45 - The Future as Seen at SXSW & Successful Strides in Financial Inclusion

Episode #45: SXSW

This special episode is live from Fintech House at South By Southwest (SXSW) event from March 2023. Listen as guest host Dara Tarkowski, Managing Partner, Actuate Law and host of Breaking Banks’ sister podcast Tech on Reg speaks with Mike Bechtel, Chief Futurist at Deloitte Consulting and David Reiling, Chairman and CEO, Sunrise Banks; Author, Fintech for Good; and host of Provoke.fm‘s NextGen Banker. Where are the opportunities in evolving technology; what’s hype and nonsense? At times we are so busy wondering if we can do something, that we don’t always think if we should. Intentionality and mindfulness are good things, and mild chaos is where opportunity lies, where niches and new angles can be discovered. Featuring music from Holly Hammel.

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Episode 44: Dominic Kalms, CEO of B Generous

Episode #44: Dominic Kalms

Dominic Kalms grew up with a passion to do good and improve the world. In 2021, Kalms launched B Generous as the Founder and CEO, the first philanthropic product to give people the financial freedom to donate to nonprofits. Kalms is also President and Board Member at GVNG, another fintech he created to empower anyone to launch a digital nonprofit. Kalms discusses his journey to start B Generous, the importance of philanthropy and technology, and what the NextGen Banker looks like. Featuring music from Alsever Lake.

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Episode #43: Wayne Brown

Fintechs and customer experiences go hand-in-hand. And Wayne Brown knows how important it is for fintechs, customers, and financial institutions to be on the same page. Brown, who is the managing partner at The Walker Group, talks about how fintechs work with banks to create a positive customer onboarding experience and how the fintech industry is changing with Artificial Intelligence. Featuring music from August Anderrsun.

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Episode #42: Sarah Biller

Financial technology is evolving rapidly. And Sarah Biller is excited about what the future holds. Biller, who is the executive director of Vantage Ventures and a cofounder and board member of Fintech Sandbox, talks about practical applications of financial services in the metaverse, how fintech can play a role in sustainability and why meaningful data is necessary to spur innovation. Featuring music from GHOST.

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Episode #41: Leah Fremouw

Leah Fremouw has vast experience in the community development space. She is currently the CEO of Bridging Virginia, a community development loan fund, and the president and founder of the Virginia CDFI Coalition. Fremouw also sits on the GO Virginia board, an economic development initiative focused on driving economic growth and job creation, and is a Richmond, Virginia, Chamber of Commerce board member. Fremouw discusses Bridging Virginia’s work to create access to capital for traditionally underrepresented groups as well as how she got her start in the financial industry. She also talks about Renegade Capital, a podcast she co-hosts. Featuring music from Half Measure.

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Episode 40 - Delicia Hand - Director of financial fairness at Consumer Reports

Episode #40: Delicia Hand

The digital banking world is no doubt convenient. But Delicia Hand wants to make sure it’s fair, too. Hand, the director of financial fairness at Consumer Reports, helped put together a framework that evaluates how well digital financial products are working for consumers. Hand talks about the framework — which includes principles like privacy, inclusivity and transparency — as well as how working on Capitol Hill during the Great Recession framed her perspective on developing financial policy. Featuring music from Maor.

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Episode 39 - Jason Mikula - Publisher of Fintech Business Weekly

Episode #39: Jason Mikula

Jason Mikula started his weekly newsletter, Fintech Business Weekly, as a pandemic project. Today, the financial technology publication is one of the better-known reads in the industry. Mikula talks with David about his predictions for the future of finance – including thoughts on NFTs, crypto and where these elements of Web3 fit into the financial industry. Banking as a Service is also discussed in addition to fintech’s potential to support financial health among consumers. Mikula also speaks to his time in the Peace Corps and how he moved from working in digital marketing to the financial industry. Featuring music from Pete Stewart.

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