Statement from Sunrise Banks | March 22, 2021

There is no excuse for racism of any kind – period.

Here at Sunrise Banks we stand in solidarity with our Asian employees, clients and community members and condemn all forms of discrimination.

In recent days, we’ve heard of senseless violence against Asian Americans and Asian American Pacific Islanders. These reports are extremely concerning and evidence that there’s an enormous amount of work to be done to eliminate prejudice and advocate for equality.

This violence is affecting fathers, mothers, grandparents, children, friends and neighbors. It is a tragic injustice and completely unacceptable.

Hate is a virus that no mask, vaccine or quarantine can protect against. Instead, we must stand together for those who are unjustly targeted and make this world a better place. We must make real, lasting change so that we emerge as a more tolerant and just society.

Sunrise Banks stands up against racism, bullying and violence against our customers, employees and community.

Here are some resources with information on how to take action: