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Trust. Trust can be a scary thing. It shouldn’t be given easily and when lost, is rarely simple to regain.

At Sunrise, building trust with our community and our customers begins internally. We foster a culture of achievement and to do so, we need to trust that our employees will reject the quick short-term gains to put the time in and make sure they are doing the right thing. For them we, as leaders, need to go to bat for them, and advocate not only for their well-being, but advancement and growth.

How do you know when you’ve gotten to a place of ongoing, mutual trust? For me, it is when the day to day actions that build and strengthen trust become second nature. We’re no longer thinking: “What can I do to make this person trust me?” We are making choices that benefit the group rather than only ourselves. It isn’t a quick leap to this place but when a trustworthy culture is established, the success it brings everyone involved is immeasurable.

The same goes for external trust. For example, if a customer comes to us for a loan, and we aren’t able to help them, we make sure we find a resource that can. It is much more important that they succeed than if they only use our products. They can trust we will help find a solution, internally or with one of our other partners.

Trust isn’t a facet of our business, trust is the reason we do business every day. It is key to being a good corporate citizen and just a good person. Being a part of the Trust Alliance is an easy decision for Sunrise Banks; setting the example for future entrepreneurs will make sure that ethical and trustworthy businesses continue to thrive.


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