CardValet® Can Help Minimize the Risk of Fraud This Holiday Season

Black Friday’s come and gone, but chances are not everyone is done with holiday shopping.

Sales will continue as we speed through December and into the New Year. Consumers have already broken online shopping records Off Site Link this year, reiterating the fact that digital purchases reign supreme.

Of course, with more shopping comes an increased risk for fraud. It’s important to keep track of your accounts, especially during the holiday shopping season. CardValet can help.

CardValet is a free debit card monitoring tool that allows you to keep track of your purchases and prevent fraud.

Here are some of CardValet’s features.

Prevent Fraud

The CardValet app lets you turn your debit card on or off, a useful tool if your card is lost or stolen. No withdrawals or purchases can be made when a card is turned off through CardValet. The app also allows you to receive updates on when and how your card is used, including if a transaction has been denied. In addition, you can set geographic restrictions on your card use.

The app is available for personal and business use and can be found in the AndroidTM Google Play[1] or Apple® App Store®[2].

Set Spending Limits

CardValet doesn’t only help fight fraud; it also can assist you in becoming a smart shopper. With CardValet, users can set limits on certain purchases by type. This is an especially useful tool for parents who want to monitor their kids’ spending habits.

By classifying purchases by type, users can also get a sense of how they’re spending their money. CardValet offers the option of setting a “low-balance” alert as well, notifying users when their checking accounts are running low.

And, just like any banking app, CardValet shows you real-time account balances.

Stay Secure This Holiday Season

Sunrise Banks puts client security first, and has a number of resources to help mitigate the chances of card fraud. CardValet just represents one way to keep an eye on transaction history.

Visit our security center for more information on how you can keep your personal and business accounts safe this holiday season.

[1] Android and Google Play are trademarks of Google LLC

[2] Apple and the App Store are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.