Commercial Digital Banking Update

A man's hands holding a smartphone in the left hand and a credit card in the right hand in front of an open laptop computer.

Sunrise Banks has updated your commercial digital banking experience on May 29, 2024. Check out some of the new features below:

Primary Accounts

Select which accounts are your favorites and view them directly from your digital banking homepage.

Once the upgrade is complete, when you next log in you will be asked to select “primary” accounts. When logged in, you may not see accounts listed. If so, select “View all Accounts.” All accounts you have access to will display. If it’s a favorite of yours, select it! Primary accounts are focused on the homepage during each online experience.

Other New Features

ACH and wire file mapper:

Easily create an ACH and/or wire file using a previously created CSV and establish recipients for future payments, like an address book. This makes moving your portfolio to Sunrise Banks for all your banking needs that much more convenient.

Multi transfer:

Conduct multiple transactions in one easy step, including:

  • Transferring money between your own Sunrise Banks business accounts
  • Initiating ACH and wires.


Current day account activity reports now available. This is in addition to the current offering, which is next day reporting.


Added account and security alerts available to keep your information private and safe.


If you have any questions about the upgrade, contact our digital operations team at (651) 265-5640 Off Site Link or send us an email.